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Feb 6, 2010

And the blogging starts again..

छीनता हो स्वत्व कोई और तो, त्याग तप से काम ले वह पाप है
पुण्य है विछिन्न कर देना उसे बढ़ रहा तेरी तरफ जो हाथ है

I remember these lines from one of my favorite poet "Dinkar" who happened to be the national poet around the independence times. Profile Here He has primarily a history student who bursted on the national scene with his fire brand poetry and inspired millions to join/support the freedom movement.

Well, yesterday was reading the novel from Premchand, today I am reciting the poetry of Dinkar. I think something has gone horribly wrong inside. But well, hope the poet inside me, is trying to come out.

Most of my friends might not be knowing that I was very fond of Hindi literature. Anyways, this is an experiment. If I am able to publish Hindi and English together in this post, then probably soon I will be posting some of my poems here. It might give a new life to the poet inside me.

Oh Ok! some of you, who are still wondering why I chose the above lines! Well, the literal meaning is that "is somebody is taking your freedom away, don't hesitate in taking the extreme measures. That is all ethical".

Hope this time I clock in some more posts.

Oct 10, 2009

Two States - Story of My Marriage

I am currently reading " Two States - Story of my marriage" and will post a review by tomorrow as it's like 'one fly' book with lots of masala. Well, this is about a Punjabi boy marrying a Tamil Girl and I hope that Chetan has used his humor well. On a lighter note, thanks god! he didn't write a book of a Marathi boy/girl marrying a North Indian boy/girl or else he also would have to say sorry to the owner of Bombay oops! it's Mumbai.

off to my reading.

Oct 5, 2009

The longest Journey of Rajdhani Express

It took them around 84 hours or 3 and half days to reach Delhi from Bangalore. The train started from Bangalore on Thursday evening but reached Delhi only on Monday morning. More than 2000 passengers were stranded on Raichur station which is at the border of Andhra and Karnataka. The alertness of the local people and the railway staff helped avoid a disaster as the train was stopped on time. Later they found about 100 meters of railway track hanging in air as the wooden sleepers which holds the track together was washed away by the gushing water. This happened at 5 in the morning on Gandhi Jayanti. Else, it would have easily become a catastrophe for 2000 of the passengers who were deep in sleep.

Well, the train was brought back to the nearest station and then was stranded there for about 36 hours. It started moving only on Saturday evening and was diverted through a different route. Finally it reached Delhi today morning at around 6. Only 2 days late.

This could be a good movie subject but then only for foreign filmmakers. Well, Anurag Kashyap/Vishal Bhardwaj/Aamir Khan?.. are you listening??

Some links from the TimesofIndia hyderabad edition covering the train journey.

Oct 3, 2009

Tum Chalo to Saara Hindustan Chale

Tum Chalo to Saara Hindustan Chale series - This was a part of Lead India Campaign of Times of India

I think it's Shankar Mahadevan's voice along with the voice of one of it's
kind Sukhwinder Singh (Sukhi).

Confirmed. It's Shankar Mahadevan, Sukhvinder Singh and the lyricist is
Gulzar. Nice initiative by Times of India. More about this here.

Oct 2, 2009

My name is "Johar"

Kya kya Johar dikha rahe hain? . When you are frisked in US you do nothing. When your friend is frisked, you see this an opportunity to promote your film (guess what? the film is centered on the same theme). You actually question the whole frisking business. You take it as your own insult and decide not to travel or minimize your travel to US. Well that is United States of America which at-least does not have double standards and are likely to follow the rule of law for one and all. Incidently, Bob Dylan was also arrested/frisked on the same day for charges of roaming suspiciously around. Link here to a media debate on the issue.

Well, it seems that the same Karan Johar can bend more than his back for an issue which concerns him. In one of most cowardly act displayed by a public figure in recent times is Karan Johar apologizing for using the word Bombay in his movie "Wake Up Sid". I don't know what explanation he has given but it's sure that there are people in our industry who has flexible moral standards. One day they are condemning one act, next day supporting the same. Watch the video and see how he is still confused between Bombay and Mumbai. But then, this is industry. Reminds me of the song from Hero No. 1 "Main tere pyar mein kya kya na bana meena, Kabhi bana kutta, kabhi kamina"

Video Embedded from "You Tube"


I surfed across some of the news channel for any news related to the train which is stranded since last 36 hours. And this is what I got. In the prime time news, one was showing conspiracy behind Sachin's food poisoning (they used the word poison some 70 times in 4 minutes). Well, gosh! I think they still haven't got the pathology report of what Sachin passed out the next morning.

The other channel was debating why Karan Johar apoligized to Raj Thakrey. It seems that Thakrey bhau is back into news and Karan Johar might have provided him the right podium after a long pause. Since 26/11 he was not getting much coverage. Karan Johar's timing is superb and his sense of humour is awesome. First, he tried to capitalize on "My Name is Khan" controversy and now he has given Raj bhau some priceless prime time coverage. The Channel found out that Raj Thakrey's daughter studies in Bombay Scottish School and was arguing that he should apologize to whole of Maharashtra that his daughter studies in a school which has Bombay word in it.

A third channel is showing that the restaurant where Sachin got his food poisoning is not the one which the other channel was showing. They went one step further and interviewed the manager who said that Dhoni, Pravin Kumar and some other stars have come but not Sachin. Great. point to be noted -

1) The first channel was claiming that it was Nehra, Dhoni and Bhajji. The second mentions about Praveen Kumar and Dhoni.
2) How come the restaurant manager remember Praveen Kumar? Hmmmmmm..

Next is what?

Ram Gopal Varma will visit the station where the train is stranded and will make a movie out of it. That movie will be watched only by Varma and his fans. (PJ warning - No fans at all, he as an AC now.)

Well, Ashutosh Gowariker might also decide to make a movie and it will be exactly 1/10th of the 36 hour ordeal. The title will be "3.6 hours Ordeal". The more the people in the train will suffer, so the people in the theater.

36 Hour Ordeal..

It's really a tough task getting up at 5 in the morning on a national holiday, and for a lazy bug like me, it seems like an ordeal. While debating over the importance and obviously the rarity of occasion, finally I got up at around 6. I had to catch a train at 7:30 from Secunderabad railway station and it normally takes around an hour to reach there. So according to my calculation I started early.

I reached station at 7. Was happy at my achievement. Well, Lalu might take the credit for the turn-around of railway but it's almost a rarity to find trains running at time. Though Rajdhani has an entirely different perception in my mind, I still thought to do a casual enquiry as on which platform it will arrive. The enquiry clerk looked like in a foul mood. I don't know what it was? the time of the morning, the frustration of working on a national holiday or was it that his replacement did not arrive in time? Whatever it was he was shifting his pot belly from one angle to another on the chair with a "constipated look" on his face. Yeah! I know how it feels like working overtime on a night shift. Thanks to my IT employer.

Anyways, the train was 2 hours 30 minutes late. Bull shit! I asked again whether it will get further delayed so that I can cancel the ticket and get a full refund? Railway has this policy that if a train is running late for more than 3 hours then the passenger is entitled for a full refund. He gave me a weird look and again shifted his bottom to a different angle. "pata nahin" was his reply. I thought to shout at him but then I decided against my original thought. There is no way to find this out until you actually wait it out. I had this experience before, until the system updates the late running status, you will not get the refund. So, I thought to wait for the next 3 hours.

AC waiting room was full so I went to the sleeper class waiting room. Luckily I was able to find a laptop charging point. I was happy as I could watch a movie now. It was around 9. I looked at the LCD screen which was flashing the train running information and for a minute I was not able to find out Rajdhani Express in it. Well, after a minute it refreshed and now it was showing 4 hours late. My experience with Indian rail has been really good so this was one of those feel good moments. Your opinion is vindicated and there is no better thought that that. I told my friend that the train is not arriving any time before 3 pm and it's the typical railway's trick to give you a slow death. At 11 they will definitely make it 1 and so on. He laughed at my cynical comment. Well.

Now, the task was to cancel the ticket. Don't think it's as simple as that because it was an e-ticket. The only easy thing about e-ticket is to get one. Believe me, cancelling e-tickets can be really tricky. The rule states that we have to file a TDR (depository receipt) and the process is available online. However it's more like you can file the TDR tomorrow. For a moment I thought that today's train might come tomorrow only so that I can file the TDR receipt properly. Well I came back home and cancelled my trip. Will go some other time.

At home, I thought to inquire why exactly the Rajdhani express is delayed. A train of that importance should find a mention in the news. After all, champions league is over and the channels are again news deprived. There was nothing on it, till I found this piece of news on web. Andhra and Karnataka have seen some heavy rainfalls in the last two days and it seems that the route along which this train runs (Bangalore - Secunderabad - Delhi) is heavily affected by rains. This has affected the train service in this area and logically most of the trains are running late. As simple as that. I was wondering why Railways could not provide this simple information to the passengers? (Sounds like a good consulting opportunity for the top 5 IT companies).

So now the question was where is Rajdhani and how late it is?

See the answer for yourself. It's only 36 hours late till now :) with the possibility of getting further delayed :(. The most logical reason is that it's stuck somewhere in the flood hit area and will be there for at-least for the next 36 hours. I hope it's stationed at some railway station so that all the passengers can be evacuated if needed. Was not able to confirm as the train running information is inconclusive as where exactly the train is.

Hope the passengers are safe and their ordeal ends as soon as possible.

Sep 13, 2009

Force India finished forth..

Call it sports illiteracy or call it pure negligence or may be like Government of India our journalist fraternity also think that Formula1 is not a sport. Otherwise Adrian Sutil's achievement today in a Force India - Mercedes car would not have gone unnoticed for almost two hours. That too when just a week back news papers had a full page coverage on the achievement of Fishichella in the same car.

Well, just over two hours back Adrian Sutil drove his Force India Mercedes to fourth position (partly helped my Hamilton) and collected some points for his team. Call it a sweet poetic justice as Fishichella who was driving his dream Ferrari finished 9th. The year is turning out be good for Vijay Mallya. First Royal Challengers finished second in the IPL II and now his team has collected points in back to back races. Just sometime back he set a target of 2010 for the first podium finish but then Fishichella drove a brilliant race and finished second. As many people were speculating, Fishichella joined Ferrari as a substitute driver and Vijay Mallya agreed to release him (don't know whether money changed hands or not). The last two races have been really great for Force India and all the credit should go to Mallya for giving a moment of sporting glory to the believers.

Anways, GOI (Govt of India) doesn't like to call it a sports because right now they are busy talking about austerity or things like that. So going by their definition Formula1 is not a sport and that's why they rejected a request from JFSK (JFSK is promoting F1 in India). Okay fine, it's not a sport then why it's a problem that a proviate company wants to organize a racing event in the country? Anyways lets leave this debate here. So those of you who 'celebrate with Kingfisher', I think Sutil has just given you a chance to 'celebrate for Kingfisher'. Enjoy.

Aug 22, 2009

Amir and Deepika Playing Badminton

I know this is stale. But, given your busy lives I think you might not have checked this out.

Aamir does take things seriously. See the way he is moving in the court and that too against likes of Prakash Padukone and Aparna Popat. Got this news from Aaamir's blog which I was visiting after a long long time (given my busy life as well).

Got really bad news about Aamir and Kiran loosing their child. Despite of all the money and medical advice they were unable to prevent the miscarriage. Incidents like these do make you believe in the presence of some supreme power who has a script ready for all of us. On that note, well, it's the beginning of Ganesh Chaturthi as well as the holy month of Ramzaan today. For the next one month Hyderabad will be abuzz with festivities.

God bless Aamir and his family and hope they come out of their grief soon. And god bless you all. Hope no grief could ever touch you.

Aug 20, 2009

The GAS War Intensifies..

The GAS war has intensified as Government has set up a panel to discuss the issue. With each new advertisement, ADAG is digging deeper into their allegations and some of these are serious allegations like Corruption, Hoarding, Profiteering, Creating Artificial Scarcity etc. The point is that had ADAG not believed into the evidence that they have, they might not have spitted the venom out in the press. Clearly, they want a public debate more than a judicial debate.

This advertisement blitzkrieg by ADAG has raised eyebrows across the political and corporate circle. But now the debate has turned towards petty issues like whether the supreme court will take cognizance of this or whether the judiciary will completely ignore this and hear the case based on the pure facts and evidences brought in the court? I don't think anybody is discussing the more potent issue of corruption.

The media is debating the morality of this campaign. I think that the main purpose of this ad is to elicit a response from the two parties. Government and RIL. Ministry has to come out clear and RIL too have to take a stand.

We have so many reference points to decide about the price of the gas. Petroleum ministry has approved a price of 4.20$ for reasons unknown. DGH has earlier said that the cost of production is only 1.28$ per unit. That gives RIL a neat 300% margin. (--What's the problem with that? Indian gas is no more cheap boy! And also we are in habit of selling the national assets cheap. Did you forget the 2G auction? More on that here)

ADAG claims that the capex was inflated which would obviously inflate the cost of production. This inflated capex will result in loss of revenue for the govt.
(--Are you talking about inflation? well who is worried about that? )

DGH or Director General of Hydrocarbons claims that their figure were validated by a third party Source Here . ADAG claims that this third property has conflict of interest with RIL Source here. Back to square one.

NTPC first decided to take RIL into court for the gas supply agreement that they signed some time back. Later they backtracked and it seems that a group of senior employees are content with the new prices decided by petroleum ministry. What's the reason? "Upar se order hai bhai".

Well, the debate has started and will continue till 1st of September when the apex court will decide on the fate of the shareholders of the two group. But till then, I think enough water will go down under the bridge. Just brace for RIL not to start offensive against ADAG group companies like ADLABS, RNRL and Reliance Communication.

Want some mirch masala on this issue? It's here.